This is typically the time of year when hundreds of unified voices from across the state descend on the capital, meet with legislators, tell our stories, and urge action on important legislation.

We couldn’t have a traditional Hunger Action Day this year, but our Policy Team has had virtual meetings with our state legislators anyway because it’s more important than ever that we defend critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.

One of the most important programs is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). More than 1 million seniors – primarily Women of Color – and community members living with disabilities rely on SSI to make ends meet.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, not a single SSI recipient could afford their most basic needs – food, rent, and health care – in any county in California.

At this moment, when any financial assistance is needed most, SSI recipients are at risk of being cut if Gov. Newsom’s budget plan is passed. Fortunately, the State Legislator proposed an alternative budget plan that protects SSI funding from being cut.

We need your voice now to urge Gov. Newsom to adopt the State Legislator’s budget plan and reject any cuts to neighbors on SSI. Budget decisions are being made this week, so it’s urgent that your message is heard today.

The State budget cannot be balanced off the backs of California’s most marginalized communities again.

Tweet Gov. Gavin Newsom today:

.@GavinNewsom Seniors & people living w/ disabilities have a right to a life of dignity. The #COVID19 crisis is the worst time to risk cutting #SSI – a vital anti-poverty program. Please adopt the Senate & Assembly budget plans & reject any cuts to SSI/SSP #BayAreaFoodBanks

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