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Building Relationships in Berkeley through Mobile Pantry

2021-01-07T23:33:29+00:005 Jan, 2021|CalFresh, News, Uncategorized|

What a difference a trailer makes. That's what Bob Whalen says as he hauls a gleaming silver and white carriage to roadside encampments in Berkeley. Whalen is the food services manager at Dorothy Day House, our longtime partner agency.

We count. Therefore, we must be counted.

2020-09-18T00:18:06+00:0018 Sep, 2020|Advocacy, CalFresh, News, Uncategorized|

I have skepticism. As a Black man in America, I have over 500 years of evidence to affirm and legitimize my skepticism, particularly as it relates to the federal government. From a constitution that considers me “three-fifths of all

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