Our Multimedia Coordinator Antonio, who grew up working at his family’s restaurant in Spain, shared this refreshing and delicious gazpacho recipe just in time for the start of tomato season!

One of my favorite things to do is cook for my family using plenty of fresh produce in season. Every week I receive a box of fresh produce from a local farm and I’m always looking forward to it, especially during the summer with all the summer veggies and stone fruits!

Personally, one of the best dishes during summer is gazpacho. It is healthy and very refreshing on a hot summer day. Below is a simple Andalusian Gazpacho recipe (this one is from my mom!). You can have it as a starter, side dish, or just a mid-afternoon snack for a break from the heat.”

Salud’s Andalusian Gazpacho


4-6 large ripe tomatoes, diced

1 large cucumber, peeled and diced

1 green pepper, diced

1 small onion (or ½ large one), diced

2 cloves garlic, chopped

2-4 cups of cubed stale bread (a white crusty loaf works best)

½ cup (or 1/3 cup for less fat) of extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup of Sherry or wine vinegar (to taste)

2-4 cups of water (less water for thicker gazpacho)

1 tsp. of cumin

¼ tsp. of sweet paprika

salt to taste

(Optional for garnish): chopped tomato, cucumbers, onion, and peppers.


Put everything in a bowl and get everything evenly distributed, getting the bread nice and soaked. Then blend in batches and mix together. Chill (it tastes better the next day). Pour into bowls and garnish with chopped veggies (optional).