It’s not every day that Stephen and Ayesha Curry show up at our Food Bank. But, they recently stopped by to surprise our staff and volunteers – all while maintaining a 6-foot distance.

“All of our partners in the community doing the work, reaching people where they are – it means so much to us. Thank you. We just came here to say thank you,” Stephen said to a group in our parking lot.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation has generously supported our efforts throughout the COVID-19 emergency. In March, they pledged to provide 300,000 meals a week for Oakland Unified School District students and their families.

“The stats are staggering. 18,000 kids rely on at least two meals a day from the school system. We want to ensure that these kids are not wondering where their next meal is coming from, so we’re asking you to rally with us,” Ayesha Curry said.

Right now, our Food Bank is focused on what we do best: getting food out into the community. Emergency response is a critical part of our work. From keeping a weeks’ worth of food in our warehouse to running our Emergency Food Helpline remotely – we are able to quickly respond, thanks to supporters, like Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation.

“If we could take you through the warehouse today, you would see that there’s a lot more food out there, thanks to your help,” Suzan Bateszon, ACCFB Executive Director, said during Stephen and Ayesha’s visit.

Right now, your gift will make twice the impact thanks to Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, which is matching all donations up to $100,000 through June 22.

It’s been touching and remarkable to see how our community has come together during this time. We’re so grateful for Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s support – and for you. Your contribution will help us through this response, and beyond.