2020 is a critical year. One of the biggest reasons for us: it’s time for the U.S. Census.

The census is our country’s primary method of accounting for every member of our diverse community. We have a lot at stake in Alameda County. Census data and the funding it enables is crucial to our ability to carry out our mission.

The Census only happens once every ten years, meaning we only have one shot to get it right.

If our county is under-counted by even 6 percent, we face a $1 billion loss over the next decade. That will affecting funding for essential resources like schools, roads, and CalFresh (food stamps).

With so much at stake, it was evident we needed to increase our efforts – for the sake of the 1 in 5 neighbors we serve. That’s why we’ve partnered with the County of Alameda to ensure a full, fair, and accurate count – which includes working with partners to help reach everyone in our community, especially those who are hard-to-count.

“The Census is everyone’s opportunity to have representation in our government. By getting counted, we can more effectively advocate for increased resources to end hunger and prevent future poverty for the next generation,” said Alex Boskovich, Government Relations Officer at ACCFB.

Be sure you’re counted. You can reply by mail once you receive a post card, by phone, and for the first time – online. For help over the phone, you can call (844) 330-2020 to reach the Census Bureau or 211 for language assistance.

With your support, the 2020 Census offers a unique opportunity to make a powerful policy impact that let’s our legislators know that everyone counts. Reach out to our policy team at advocacy@accfb.org to learn more.