As you can imagine, we really love food at ACCFB, and even more than just because it’s delicious and nourishing. We love enjoying food in community and as a way of connecting with others. So, we asked our staff for some of their favorite holiday recipes so we could share them with you and spend some time in the kitchen together. Enjoy!



Maison Premiere Gumbo

Regi Young, Executive Director

This recipe is very similar to the way my mother-in-law from DeQuincy, Louisiana used to make her gumbo, as well as the current way my partner makes her gumbo with a few exceptions (like adding hardboiled eggs). It reminds me of my time spent in Acadiana and Houston with friends and family and the good times that we shared around food. We ALWAYS make gumbo in our household this time of year and enough for our guests to take some home too. It is so important in my household in fact, that it was the first meal that we made as a family here in Oakland, and we had some of the ingredients shipped from the South to ensure that our family here knew what REAL gumbo tasted like. It was a hit and they keep asking when we are going to make some more!

Recipe from Saveur


Altfest Family Chanukah Latkes

Michael Altfest, Director of Community Engagement & Marketing

Latkes are one of a few traditional foods fried in oil to be enjoyed during Chanukah. The use of oil symbolizes the Chanukah miracle when only a days’ worth of oil kept the menorah in Jerusalem Temple lit for 8 days (long enough to make more oil). This latke recipe is pretty common — and simple! It just happens to be the one used by my Grandma when we celebrated Chanukah at her house — and is the one our whole family still uses to this day. WARNING: Your kitchen will smell like latkes for at least a week after cooking these!

Recipe from the Altfest Family

turkey congee

Turkey Congee

Alvina Kwong, Communications Coordinator

Reminds me of my mom. She looks forward to making it after every Thanksgiving and will set aside her favorite parts of the turkey for it!

Recipe from The Woks of Life



Alvina Kwong, Communications Coordinator

Love seeing the huge tray of lumpia at family gatherings! Everyone always gravitates to it and it’s easy to snack on while chatting with one another and all the other food is still being assembled.

stuffed shrimp

Baked Stuffed Shrimp

Judeimy Martinez, Community Nutrition Educator

Stuffed shrimp are the perfect appetizer to kick off your holiday feast. Enjoy this delicious recipe from ACCFB’s Nutrition Team!

Recipe from Eating Well

turkey enchiladas

Turkey Enchiladas

Shannon Lee-Rutherford, Associate Director, Annual Fund

A favorite post-Thanksgiving, leftover turkey meal! My mother made it every year and then sent me the recipe in my 20’s (a few years ago 😉) and I look forward to making it every year.

Recipe from Shannon’s Mom


pecan pie

Favorite Pecan Pie

Laura Hayden, Project Specialist

This is my dad’s favorite pie! It also happens to be my partner’s favorite pie- he requests it every year for his birthday in October which is the perfect opportunity to practice for Thanksgiving. This is my go-to recipe. The golden syrup is worth the effort to find!

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen


Spiced Persimmon Pie

Laura Hayden, Project Specialist

I love persimmons, and I LOVE pumpkin pie — this recipe combines the best of both worlds.

Recipe from Diaspora Co.


Camote (candied sweet potatoes)

Martha Orozco, Research Coordinator

My paternal grandmother Arcelia, would make a similar recipe during the winter season. She loved to pour fresh milk from the family cow over the warm camote.

Recipe from Thyme & Love

caramelized honey pumpkin pie

Caramelized Honey Pumpkin Pie

Fiona Hannigan, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I love pumpkin pie, but I’ve always felt it’s missing something — I know, unpopular opinion — until I made this caramelized honey pumpkin pie. The balance of spices and the depth added by the browned butter and honey are just so perfect and cozy that I’ll never make another pumpkin pie again. I like to use my favorite all-butter pie dough for an extra flaky crust.

Filling recipe from Claire Saffitz | Pie crust recipe from Erin McDowell