The 2020 election is pivotal for our country and for Alameda County. As we work to end hunger, there’s no better tool than our collective power.

September is Hunger Action Month, a month when we all unite to raise awareness to end hunger. And this Hunger Action Month, we’re gearing up for the November election.

Food is a basic human right. That’s why we work with all levels of government to identify and support policies that address hunger, poverty and racism. But ending hunger starts even earlier: it begins at the polls.

Here’s how you can take action and stay civically engaged and take action before November 3.

Register – and Vote! 

When you vote, you send lawmakers a message: that policies made today are vital to ending hunger tomorrow. From registration to learning about the issues, we have you covered here.

Get Involved in Elections

Regardless of your voting eligibility, you can still make your voice heard without ever stepping foot in a voting booth. Become a poll worker, call your elected officials, or even share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s quick, easy, and amplifies our efforts.

Go Orange!

Orange is the official color of Hunger Action Month. Wear an orange shirt or change the color of your Zoom background. Any pop of color counts. It might seem small, but going orange is a way for people across the country to unify and get others talking.


You can make twice the impact on Hunger Action Day on Sept. 10. A group of generous donors is matching all donations, up to $15,000. Your support fuels our work and will help provide double the nourishing food for our community.

Sign Up for Alerts

Between and after elections, there’s always more work to do. Learn more about our advocacy work and sign up for Action Alerts for quick, simple actions you can take year round.

Everyone has a role to play in ending hunger. Think about the impact you’ll have if you take just one action each week during Hunger Action Month. The movement is stronger with you in it.