We cannot end hunger without addressing poverty. We’ve ushered in important milestones in hunger relief thanks to our forceful community of anti-hunger advocates. And, our work is more important than ever in light of proposed policies that will increase hunger, hardship, and uncertainty.

September is Hunger Action Month, a month when we unite to raise awareness to end hunger. Let’s make this Hunger Action Month the most powerful yet. Here’s how you can stay civically engaged and continue fighting for an equitable and just Alameda County.

Eric registered to vote at an event hosted by the Food Bank.

1. Register to vote (and make sure your friends are, too!)

Ending hunger starts at the polls. Elections shape government, and every election offers choices that can deepen or alleviate hunger and poverty. Your voice matters, so make it heard every election.

2. Get involved in elections

If you’re not yet 18 or eligible to vote, you can still get involved. If you’re 16 or 17 years old, pre-register to vote online. You’ll automatically be registered on your 18th birthday. Become a poll worker, sign up for our action alerts, and learn about issues that matter to you.

3. Contact your representatives

One of the most effective ways of making your voice heard is by getting in touch with your own elected officials. We’ve seen the impact our community of advocates have on our community with the recent expansion of CalFresh benefits to SSI recipients. If we raise our voices in unison, we can influence lawmakers to support policies to end hunger and poverty. Read our policy agenda to learn more about the issues we’re supporting.

4. Be prepared when it comes time to vote

California’s primary is three months early this year. We’ll head to the polls on March 3, 2020. Be sure you know key dates, like the last day to register, and get caught up on the candidates.

5. Go orange!

Orange is the official color of Hunger Action Month. Wear an orange shirt, tie, or scarf. Paint your nails orange, swap the light bulbs in your home or office, or change your profile picture. Any pop of color counts. It might seem small, but going orange is a way for people across the country to unify and get others talking.

6. Share our social posts

One of the easiest ways to spread awareness this Hunger Action Month is to simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll show your friends and followers that you stand for a hunger-free and just Alameda County.

7. Volunteer

Whether you’re sorting food in our warehouse, answering phones, on our Helpline, or lending us your specialized skills, getting involved and making an impact this month is easy. In just a few hours, you’ll help provide thousands of meals that we’ll distribute within days.

8. Donate

You can make twice the impact on Hunger Action Day, Sept. 12. A group of generous donors is matching all donations, up to $10,000. Food banks across the country to raise awareness about hunger on Hunger Action Day. Your support fuels our work and will provide twice the nourishing food to our community.

9. Fundraise through Virtual Food Drive

It’s simple, fun, and rewarding. With a few clicks, you can help ups purchase our most needed items. And, every $1 you donate helps provide $7 worth of food. Challenge your friends and family, coworkers, or team to see who can raise the most money toward ending hunger.

10. Eat at Subway

During the month of September, more than 100 participating Subway restaurants in Alameda County are helping to fight hunger. For every two meals purchased, Subway will donate one meal to our Food Bank.

Everyone has a role to play in ending hunger. Think about the impact you’ll have if you take just one action each week during Hunger Action Month. The movement is stronger with you in it.